We are here and ready to help. While our physical office is closed, we are available remotely and can answer any questions you might have about any of our programs or events. We encourage all students to sign-up for our mailing list. Remote open office hours can be found here, or call us at (951) 888 - 1262 (phone or text) to schedule an appointment. 

Current Contact Info and Virtual Office Hours

Program Name Contact Information Open Zoom Meeting Times (Spring Quarter) Zoom Meeting ID
Undergraduate Research  ugr@ucr.edu Monday - Friday, 11am - 12pm

760 641 1422

Prestigious Scholarships and Awards ugr@ucr.edu  


Health Professions Advising

(951) 888 - 1290 (phone and text messaging,
Student Support from - 9am - 12pm, and 1pm - 4pm)

Fridays, 8-11am

Schedule an appointment here.

R'Courses rcourses@ucr.edu

Mondays and Weds., 1 - 2pm
Fridays, 2 - 3pm

725 027 880
445 072 064

UCDC/UCCS ucdc@ucr.edu Monday - Friday, 2 - 3pm 644 361 927
Community Service Portal communityservice@ucr.edu

Mondays and Weds., 1 - 2pm
Fridays, 2 - 3pm

725 027 880
445 072 064

First Gen firstgen@ucr.edu Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8pm 758 436 688

Distinguish Yourself with Student Engagement programs!

Student Engagement coordinates programs for undergraduate students that connect academics and community experiences. Our high-impact programs include:

Student Engagement Areas
Upcoming Student Engagement Events

The events system only shows the next upcoming event. If you do not see an event at your desired time, select the event topic and check the event details for additional offerings. 

For the full listing of all upcoming information sessions, visit our Events Calendar.


Student Engagement Impacts
Internships sites served through UCDC and UCCS annually
volunteer hours to the community
Undergraduate research symposium presentations
Health Professions workshop attendees each year
Student-taught courses each year
National and Prestigious Award recipients over the last 5 years