High-Impact Educational Practices (HIPs) can have a transformative change in personal development, educational growth, and increased marketability. Some HIPs activities and characteristics of high-quality HIPs include:  

  • Apply classroom knowledge to an Internship or Research opportunity
  • Experience collaborative Research Projects
  • Culmination experience demonstrating competence in a project or class (Capstone or Research Symposium)
  • Experience in Field-Based Research or Projects within a diverse community
  • Service-Learning project with a community organization
  • Participation in off-campus Research, Academic Internship, or Study Abroad Opportunities
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Students involved in High-Impact Educational Practices**:

  • Make better connections with faculty
  • Increase interpersonal skills
  • Develop leadership abilities
  • Have higher GPAs
  • Are more likely to graduate on time
  • Are happier with their education
  • Increased critical thinking and writing skills
  • Greater appreciation for diversity
  • Are better prepared for the workforce or grad school

**Benefits have been found to be greater for First-Generation and under-served students.

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