Community Internships

Community Internships at UC Riverside provides a variety of opportunities for eligible students to earn course credit for substantive internships associated with their academic and career goals. Since these programs are academic in nature, the Office of Student Engagement strives to facilitate partnerships that lead to tangible learning opportunities for students, and significance for our community partners.

The community internship program is not just designed to function as outlets to grow professionally within your career field, but organized to enhance academic learning. The educational value is exhibited through research, student learning objectives, professional and academic guidance from a faculty advisor and internship site supervisor, and the opportunity to successfully link theoretical knowledge from a class-room to real-world work experience.

  • Major Specific Internship Programs

    Gender and Sexuality Studies & Sustainability Studies – Open to students of ALL majors!

    UCR focuses on nine areas that correspond to sustainability topics of concern. These areas are: academics and research, built environment, energy and climate protection, food, procurement, recycling and waste management, sites, transportation and water. Given the nature of sustainability issues, all nine focus areas are complimentary and interconnected.

    Students undertake a 4-unit GSST 198G internship, offered in Fall, Winter and Spring, and assist a local non-profit agency by providing services equal to 100 hours per quarter (approximately 10 hours per week). Additionally, students attend a weekly seminar and work through discussions and reflections pertinent to the important work they are doing in the community. In this manner students are doing more than simply volunteering, but they are active participants in their learning as well as providing tangible benefits for our local community.

    Application deadlines
    Internship Quarter Due Date
    Fall Internship Deadline September 1
    Winter Internship Deadline December 1
    Spring Internship Deadline March 1


    Application Form 

    For more information, please email the professor for the internship course, Katja Guenther.

Additionally, the Office of Student Engagement hosts academic internship programs in Washington, DC and Sacramento, CA. For more information on these programs, please click on the links below or send an email to
  • UCDC - Washington Program
    The UC Riverside Washington Academic Program provides undergraduate students with a multi-dimensional educational experience in Washington, D.C. Students undertake educational and academic pursuits as well as participate in cultural and social activities. For more information about UCDC, please visit our UCDC page.
  • UCCS -  Sacramento Program
    UC Riverside has partnered with UC Davis to provide students with academic programs in public-policy and public-affairs journalism. UCCS offers students valuable internship opportunities and academic courses at various branches and locations in the state government. For more information about UCCS please visit our UCCS page