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R’Courses: Pioneering Our Curriculum

Democratic Education: Where people are not passive recipients of knowledge, but rather are active co-creators of their own learning

In December 2014, the UCR Academic Senate approved the offering of student-initiated courses, also known as R’Courses. These student-initiated courses designed by undergraduates and taken by other undergraduates at UCR are based on the idea of Democratic Education; creating a community of equals, upholding values such as social justice, respect, and active and engaging participation.

R’Courses support students’ efforts to develop leadership skills, to innovate the undergraduate curriculum, and to promote democratic, experiential education on campus. Students from any undergraduate degree program at UCR are invited to design and lead their own course.

These courses are 1 unit, S/NC offerings facilitated by UCR undergraduate students. Each course has a faculty instructor of record who provides mentoring and support behind the scenes. The Office of Undergraduate Education works with the R’Course Governing Board to review R’Course proposals, coordinate course activities with academic departments, facilitate student recruitment, and provide student facilitator training.

For more information on leading an R'Course of your own, visit our Create a Course page.


Read this great article from UCR Magazine article featuring Neima, a math major and transfer student who graduated spring 2019, and his creation of an R'Course. Neima's course was designed around his passion for math and the presentation of accessible problem solving to students of all backgrounds and abilities. 

Upcoming classes for Spring 2020 (FINAL SCHEDULE - All Courses will be taught in an online format due to the campus closure):
  • EDUC 198: Structural Barriers and Determinants of Health in the Inland Empire 
  • DNCE 190: Drag Culture: The Performance Movement of the LGBTQ Community
  • ENGL 198: From Comic Books to Films
  • CRWT 190: Cultural and Societal Impact of the Iranian Revolution
  • AHS 190: Reciting the Quran
  • MUS 190: Societal Issues in Modern Music
  • PHIL 198: Francisco Suárez: The First Modern Philosopher
  • GBST 198: Humanitarian Medicine and Innovation
  • NASC 198: Behind the Exhibits: Curation of Specimens in Natural History Collections
  • BUS 190: A Technical and Nontechnical Introduction to Tableau
  • PSYC 198: The History & Ethics of Aquatic Husbandry
  • PSYC 198: South Park: An Analysis of Identity within the Modern Zeitgeist
  • NASC 198: Sports Science
  • LING 198: Constructed Languages
  • NASC 198: Responsibilities of Farming: Sustainable Farming Practices and Goals
  • EDUC 198: Facilitating Language Learning Through Music
  • LING 198: Sekigahara: The Defining Battle of the Sengoku Era
  • NASC 198: The Science of Skin and Hair

Visit the Take a Course page for course scheduling information. 

Past Courses

Visit our Courses page for descriptions of the courses, and a listing of all past R’Courses that have been offered at UCR since 2014.

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Did you know?

of all R'Courses have been offered more than once (Harry Potter wins at 6!)
Courses that have been hosted by the English Department
UCR undergraduates have taken an R'Course since 2014!