Summer Academy

Students, please be sure to view our Summer Academy Orientation.

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Summer Academy Contact Information:

(951) 888-1262 (phone or text)
1100 Hinderaker Hall


*If you are a UCR student who needs help with summer courses, please contact and they will be able to assist you.

All Summer Sessions courses at UCR for 2020 will be online. Please contact us at or call (951) 888 - 1262 (phone or text) if you have any questions. 

The Summer Academy program offers you the chance to join the University of California, Riverside (UCR) community of more than 150 advanced rising junior and senior high school students. This program gives you an opportunity to earn college credit on an official UC transcript, meet with distinguished faculty, and build new relationships with fellow UCR students. 

Whether you are looking for the next set of courses beyond your high school offerings, are ready to try courses in an area of special interest, or are exploring a possible college major, you can find it here at UCR in the summer. The Summer Academy program at UCR has been designed for students who will be juniors or seniors during the 2020 - 2021 academic year. This is a great opportunity for high school students to get a head start on their college career. Many students specifically attempt to complete one or more of their "A-G" requirements through the program. 

Summer Academy program participants are eligible to take courses from Summer Session A.

  • Summer Session A (June 22 - July 25)
    • Application Deadline - Sunday, May 31 (11:59pm) (Applications will be reviewed and processed on a rolling basis starting in mid-March and course registration begins mid-April). 
    • Final Enrollment Deadline - June 14 (no students will be allowed to attend Summer Academy if they are not fully registered for courses by this date)

There are several external funding sources available for students who are accepted to Summer Academy:

  • Eligible Early Academic Outreach Program students will be contacted by the UCR EAOP office to offer them the opportunity to participate in this program (
  • NASA Launchpad is offering funding (tuition and all course and program fees) for students who take a STEM course during the summer. There is an external application.
  • RUSD will offer funding (tuition only) for students who take a STEM course during the summer. Funding is limited and will be distributed on a first-come/first-serve basis. There is no application, students will be notified by Summer Academy staff if they are receiving this scholarship. 
  • Funding from any of these sources is not guaranteed and you may be liable for the full cost of your course if you do not meet funding criteria. 

Please email the Summer Academy coordinator at with any questions.

    • Benefits to attending Summer Academy
      • Get college credits for a 50% discount on tuition.
      • College credit that may be transferable to another college program*
      • Complete A-G requirements during the summer
      • Become familiar with the expectations and demands of college-level courses
      • Obtain full UCR course credit on an official UC transcript
      • Add this experience to your college applications to distinguish yourself
      • Learn about a college campus and the resources available to you

      *PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance of transfer credit is always at the discretion of the accepting institution. At this time we have no capacity for housing students for any of the Summer Academy sessions.

    • Eligibility
      • Students who will be a junior or senior for the 2020 - 2021 academic year. (Current sophomores/juniors. NO exceptions)
      • Students must prove a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher (on an unweighted, 4.0 scale).
      • Minimum of 3.0 for any previous college courses taken.
      • A copy of an unofficial transcript to verify high school GPA.
    • Facts
      • Previous Summer Academy participants received a great head start on their freshman year in college by taking classes through the Summer Academy. Since 1995, over 3,200 high school students have taken classes through the Summer Academy for Advanced High School Students program!
      • Academically skilled high school students can successfully earn credit in UCR undergraduate classes. Over 80% of Summer Academy students earn a grade of "B" or higher in their courses.
      • You probably know someone from your high school who has attended this program.

      PLEASE NOTE: The UCR Summer Academy is not a guaranteed admission program into the University of California. Students interested in attending a University of California campus to obtain a post-secondary degree must submit a regular admission application. If you are a graduating high school senior this year, you can still take classes on 'Visiting Student' status outside of the Summer Academy program - please contact Summer Sessions to apply for this option separately.

    • After you've been accepted!

      If you are accepted into the program, you will be emailed an Acceptance Letter that contains the following:

      • Your UCR Student Identification Number (SID)
      • Your NetID (this will comprise the first part of your UCR email)
      • Your Personal Information Number (PIN)

      Your acceptance letter will provide detailed instructions on how to use these pieces of identification to set-up your e-mail account and enroll in classes. Accepted students will be able to enroll through R'Web during the last week of April up to the day before classes start. Oftentimes in the past students wait until the last minute to enroll in a course, and the courses end up getting canceled due to low enrollment, so we highly recommend students to enroll as soon as visiting students are eligible to enroll (mid-April). 

      Additionally, with your acceptance letter, we will provide a link to our online Orientation Presentation that will provide an overview of UCR resources, the basics of Summer Academy, and course enrollment information. This Orientation video is mandatory and must be viewed prior to enrollment of courses.

      We have a final enrollment deadline this year of June 14th. Any admitted Summer Academy student who has not enrolled by that date will not be permitted to attend.

    • Courses Summer Academy students may enroll in

      Students may view information on courses in the complete course listings online. Summer Academy students are limited to enrollment in the courses listed below. There is no guarantee that all of these courses will be offered, or offered in Session A. Additionally, courses may be canceled due to low enrollment. 

      Students must meet all placement and pre-requisite requirements for the course they are interested in taking. To see course placement/pre-requisite information; search for a course, click on the course title, and course details such as pre-requisites, additional course fees, and other course requirements or restrictions will be visible. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they have met the pre-requisites required for a course and have contacted the appropriate department in order to enroll in courses.

      Courses by Interest Area


      • BIOL 002 - Cellular Basis of Life (4 units, Lab required)
      • BIOL 034 - Human Heredity and Evolution (4 units, Discussion required)
      • PHIL 002 - Contemporary Moral Issues (4 units) (Not offered in Session A)
      • PHIL 003 - Ethics and the Meaning of Life (4 units) (Not offered in Session A)

      Sciences and Mathematics (STEM)

      • BIOL 003 - Organisms in their Environment (4 units, Lab required) (Not offered in Session A)
      • CHEM 001A* - General Chemistry (4 units, Discussion required).
        • Pre-requisites (one of the following):
          •  A score of 3, 4 or 5 on AP Chemistry or AP Calculus
          • UCR mathematics placement test, with results to place you into MATH 007A or 009A
          • Grade of C- or better in MATH 005 (Pre-Calculus - At UCR, not high school)
          • Contact the Chemistry Department at 951.827.3789 for more assistance on clearing the pre-requisites
      • ENSC 001 - Introduction to Environmental Science: Natural Resources (4 units, Discussion required) (Not offered this summer)
      • ENSC 006 - Introduction to Environmental Economics (4 units, Discussion required)
      • GEO 001 - The Earth Crust and Interior (4 units, Discussion required) (Not offered in Session A)
      • GEO 009 - Oceanography (4 units, Discussion required) (Not offered in Session A)
      • GEO 011 - Global Climate Change (4 units, Discussion required)
      • MATH 009A - First-Year Calculus (4 units, Discussion required).
        • Pre-requisites (one of the following):
          • UCR mathematics placement test, with results to place you into MATH 007A or 009A
          • Grade of C- or better in MATH 005 (Pre-Calculus - At UCR, not high school)
          • Once you have met the placement test requirements, your result will enable you to enroll directly in MATH 009A. (This can take up to 2 weeks, so plan accordingly to ensure your results are back before the enrollment deadline).
      • PHYS 016* - Principles of Physics (4 units) (Not offered this summer)
        • *MATH 005 is recommended
      • PHYS 037 - The Origins (4 units, Discussion required)

      Engineering (STEM)

      • CS 005 - Introduction to Computer Programming (4 units, Lab required)
      • CS 006 - Effective Use of the World Wide Web (4 units, Lab required)
      • CS 008 - Introduction to Computing (4 units, Lab required)
      • CS 010* - Introduction to Computer Science for Science, Math & Engineering (4 units, Lab required).
        • Pre-requisites:
          • *Successful completion of  a college math course (C- or better in MATH 005) or credit for MATH 009A from AP Calculus (score of 3, 4 or 5)
          • Please email with your transcript or AP/UCR Mathematics Placement Exam results, and ask to be enrolled in CS 010.
      • EE 003 - Electronics, Smartphones and Mobile Internet (4 units, Discussion required) (Not offered this summer)

      Social Sciences

      • ANTH 001 - Cultural Anthropology (4 units, Discussion required)
      • ANTH 002 - Biological Anthropology (5 units, Discussion required)
      • HIST 010 - World History: Prehistory to 1500 (4 units, Discussion required) (Not offered in Session A)
      • POSC 010 - American Politics (5 units, Discussion required)
      • PSYC 001  - Introductory Psychology (4 units, Discussion required)
      • PSYC 002  - Introductory Psychology (4 units)
      • SOC 001 - Introduction to Sociology (4 units, Discussion required)


      • BUS 001 - Personal Finance (4 units) (Not offered this summer)
      • BUS 010 - Introduction to Business (4 units, Discussion required)
      • ECON 002 - Introduction to Macroeconomics (5 units, Discussion required)
      • ECON 003 - Introduction to Microeconomics (5 units, Discussion required)

      Arts and Humanities

      • ART 001 - Beginning Draw & Design (4 units, Studio required)
      • ART 002 - Beginning Paint & Design (4 units, Studio required)
      • ART 005 - Beginning Sculpture and Three-Dimensional Design (4  units, Studio required)
      • CRWT 056 - Introductory Creative Writing (4 units, Discussion required)
      • DNCE 005 - Introduction to Dance (4 units)
      • ETST 001 - Race and Ethnicity: Introduction (4 units, Discussion required)
      • GSST 001 - Gender and Sexuality (4 units)
      • LING 020 - Language and Linguistics (4 units, Discussion required)
      • MCS 001 - Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies (4 units, Discussion required)
      • MUS 001 - Basic Musical Concepts (4 units, Discussion required)
      • MUS 007 - Music in Movies and TV (4 units, Discussion required)
      • SPN 001 - Elementary Spanish (4 units) Pre-requisite:
        • Student is required to take the Spanish placement examination. Note: If you place at a higher level than SPN 001, you will not be allowed to enroll.
      • TFDP 010 - Introduction to Acting (4 units) (Not offered this summer)
      • TFDP 050 - Public Speaking (4 units) (Not offered in Session A)
    • Federal Education Respect and Privacy Act (FERPA) Information

      FERPA protects the privacy rights of students by giving college students the rights (with some exceptions) to: 

      1.  Control the disclosure of their “education records” to others; 
      2. Inspect and review their own “education records”; 
      3. Seek amendment of their “education records”; 
      4. Receive annual notification of their rights under FERPA; and 
      5. File complaints with the Department of Education regarding the failure of the institution to comply with FERPA. 

      UC students have these rights as soon as they enroll or register with an academic program of the University. (Once a student of any age is enrolled in or registered with an institution of higher education, the FERPA rights transfer from the parent to the student.) UC students under the age of 18 are treated as adults for this purpose.

      For more information about UCR FERPA policy, visit the Registrar's Office page. 

    Summer Academy 2020 Dates and Deadlines


    Summer Sessions 2020
    Session A
    June 22 - July 25
    Summer Academy Applications Begin

    February 17

    Application Deadlines
    • May 31 (* Note that Summer Academy has different deadlines than UCR Summer Sessions). 

    Enrollment Dates

    • Enrollment opens for Summer Academy around mid-April (different than regular UCR students)
    • Enrollment deadline for Sumer Academy students is  June 14 

    Payment deadline

    June 22
    Session A Classes Begin June 22

    Drop and Refund Deadline

    *Final day to drop a course with 100% refund and no grade:


    June 26

    Withdrawal Deadlines

    *Last day to withdraw using Enrollment Adjust form. "W" grade, no refund, no fee

    June 30

    Withdrawal Deadlines

    *Final day to withdraw using Enrollment Adjust form. "W" grade, no refund, $4 fee

    July 7


    July 24 - 25

    Grades available on R'Web

    August 3