Enrollment Information

All Summer Sessions courses at UCR for 2020 will be online. Please contact us at summeracademy@ucr.edu or call (951) 888 - 1262 (phone or text) if you have any questions. 
Summer Academy Contact Information:

(951) 888-1262 (phone or text)
1100 Hinderaker Hall


*If you are a UCR student who needs help with summer courses, please contact summer@ucr.edu and they will be able to assist you.

All courses are college-level classes taught by UCR faculty. Summer Academy students will be in courses in which the majority of their classmates will be college students from UCR, as well as visiting institutions from around the U.S. and around the world. There are no courses designated specifically for high school students.

Accepted students can register for courses beginning mid-April. A Summer Sessions course is an accelerated version of a 10-week quarter course, students are limited to taking 1 course (up to 5-units). Additionally, students may only take lower-division courses (numbers 0-99) and must meet all course pre-requisites.

PLEASE NOTE: Courses are offered for college credit, and may or may not meet any high school unit or course requirements. Specific questions should be directed to the college/career counselor at your high school.

Tutorial Assistance

Are you interested in enrolling in a course that offers tutorial assistance? The Academic Resource Center is here to offer interested students tutoring for specific courses during the summer. This is a good idea for high school students who are enrolling in a college-level course for the first time!

Enrolling in your course(s), Step-by-Step
  • Step 1: Apply

    Apply to Summer Academy by the deadline. 

    Once you have been accepted, you will receive an email with your Student Identification Number (SID), your NetID and a temporary password. You will need these to log into the system for the first time.

  • Step 2: View Available Courses

    The Schedule of Classes

    The Schedule of Classes will be available for Summer 2020 on March 1. Please check the schedule frequently, as course information is subject to change.
    If a course has linked sections, it means that the course is comprised of two or more sections that you must register for simultaneously. For example: lecture and discussion; lecture and laboratory; or lecture, discussion, and workshop.

    NOTE: Summer Academy students may only take lower-division courses (0-99).

    Linked Courses

    Linked sections are lecture-specific. For example, if you register for MATH 009B, lecture section 001, you may only be able to register for discussion sections 002, 003 or 004.

    If you do not register for all of the linked sections required for a course, you will receive an error message such as, "ADDITIONAL ACTIVITY NEEDED - This course requires enrollment in multiple sections (i.e. lecture and/or lab, etc.). Please select all required sections".

    LCA" means "additional lecture" and is typically associated with specific math courses.


    Some courses require another course with a different subject and/or course number to be taken at the same time. Review the co-requisites in the schedule of classes to locate whether your course has one. For example, CHEM 001A and CHEM 01LA.

  • Step 3: Clear Pre-requisites

    Some courses have pre-requisite requirements that must be cleared before you can enroll. Please see the Schedule of Classes to determine if your course has a pre-requisite. If the course you are interested in does not have a pre-requisite, you can skip this step.

    In lieu of some pre-requisites, a passable score on the Mathematics Advisory Exam (MAE) is used, dependent upon the requirements of the course you are interested in. If you need to take a placement exam, please ensure that you have taken it with enough time to receive your test scores before you need to enroll for your course.

    Visit the Placement Exams page for more information.

  • Step 4: Enroll through R'Web

    Registration through R'Web will open in mid-April for Summer Academy visiting students. You will be allowed to enroll when you have received your acceptance letter with your SID, Net ID, and temporary password. Summer Academy students have until June 14th to enroll in their courses, so make sure you clear your pre-requisites as soon as you can after receiving acceptance into the program.

    Enrolling in a course that has linked activities:

    You will need to add the primary course (e.g., lecture) and all of its linked activities (e.g., discussions, labs, screenings, etc.) to your Summary in R'Web Registration, and select Add from the dropdown box next to each section. Only select Submit after you have chosen Add from the dropdown box for all the linked activities; otherwise, you will receive an error. You will know that you have successfully enrolled if the course status in the Summary says Registered.

    For step-by-step information on how to enroll, see the pdfs in the Add, Drop or Withdraw section of the FAQ below.

  • Step 5: Pay

    The Summer Academy classes are being offered to high-achieving high school students at a 50% discount. Please do not send payment with your application! Once you are accepted and have enrolled in your courses, your account will show any tuition and fees you owe, and at that point, you may make payment by utilizing one of the methods below. Do NOT assume you are receiving a scholarship or funding regardless of what you may have been told. Unless you have received written notification, you are responsible for your course(s) tuition, fees and any late fees (if incurred).

    To pay in person:

    • Pay with cash, check, or money order in person at the Cashier's Office, Student Services Building, Room 1111. Please check with the Cashier's Office for open hours. No credit card payments can be accepted at the Cashier's Office.

    To pay online:

    To pay by mail, using a personal check, bank check or money order, sent to:

                UCR Main Cashiers Office
                900 University Avenue
                Student Services Bldg, Rm 1111
                Riverside, CA 92521

    • Checks and money orders need to be made out to "Regents UC". Please note your campus ID on all checks and money orders. Check or money orders must be payable in US Dollars and drawn on funds from a US bank. Postmarks are not considered.
    • The University cannot accept responsibility for cash payments sent through the mail.
UCR Course Enrollment FAQ
  • Add, Drop, or Withdraw

    Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the deadlines for each session you plan to attend. This will help avoid any late fees, extra paperwork, and frustration.

    What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?

    It is important to understand that dropping from a course and withdrawing from a course are two different actions. If you want to get a full refund of your course fees and have no record of that course on your transcript, you must drop the course by the published deadline. You cannot drop a course after this deadline. If the drop deadline has passed but you do not want to receive a grade, you can elect to withdraw from the class. You will not receive a refund for the course, and you will receive a W on your transcript instead of a grade. To withdraw from a course, you will need to submit an Enrollment Adjustment Form to the Summer Sessions office.

    I withdrew from a course, but I am still being charged. Why?

    A withdrawal from a course is not the same as a drop. By electing to withdraw from a course, you agree to receive a W on your transcript, and no refund will be issued for the course. The only way to have no record of the course on your transcript and to get a refund is to drop the course by the published deadline

  • Cancelled Courses

    Summer Sessions reserves the right to cancel courses that do not meet minimum enrollments. By delaying registering for a course, you risk having the course canceled due to low enrollment.

    Course cancellations are generally announced a few days before the first day of class, and efforts are made to notify students before the class starts. In this unlikely event, full refunds of fees will be granted or applied to other summer courses.

  • Classification and Course Numbering

    Courses numbered:
    001-099 = Lower Division
    100-199 = Upper Division
    200-299 = Graduate level
    300-399 = Professional Courses

    Summer Academy students are only allowed to enroll in Lower Division courses.

  • Course Co-requisites

    Indicates that a student needs to sign up for a specific lab, workshop, or discussion section along with the lecture.

  • Course Pre-requisites

    Indicates that another course, class standing, test, or specific grade is required prior to enrollment in a course. You will not be allowed to register for courses unless you have met the prerequisite(s). Contact the department that offers your course to request permission to enroll. This process will typically require providing your transcript and UCR student ID to the department.

    For more information, review our page on Placement Exams.

  • Finals

    The final grade shall reflect the student's achievement in the course and shall be based upon an adequate evaluation of that achievement. The instructor's methods of arriving at a grade must be clearly announced during the progress of the course. The methods may include a final written exam, a term paper, a final oral exam, a take-home exam, or other evaluation devices. The final shall be given only at the time and place announced on the final exam schedule. No student shall be excused from assigned final examinations. If you plan on leaving early for vacation, we recommend you not enroll in Summer Academy. 

  • iLearn (Blackboard)

    In order to facilitate classroom communication and interaction, UCR provides the iLearn course management system to keep students and faculty connected once they leave the lecture hall. To sign in to ILearn, please click here. If you have log-in problems iLearn support is also available.

  • Incomplete Grades

    An incomplete grade is not counted in a grade point average. Coursework required by the instructor must be received by the end of the following Fall Quarter to avoid the "I" being changed to an "F". To receive an "I", your work must be of passing quality and there must be a good reason for not being able to complete the course. Submit your request for an Incomplete to your instructor prior to the day before exams. Note that requesting an incomplete may create special problems in making up course work when a course is being taught by visiting or temporary faculty.

  • R'Web

    R'Web places tools and resources right at your fingertips. In R'Web you can connect to your Facebook account, socialize and take care of UCR business all at the same time! Access your most important UCR applications, like Registration, R'Mail, iLearn, Schedule of Classes--get special Alerts about fees and due dates and "Shout-Outs" that'll tell you what's happening on campus.
    Customize your homepage and get real-time traffic reports, the UCR shuttle schedule, and much more! Log-in now!

  • Time Conflicts

    If a course conflict is indicated on R'Web (overlaps with one or more courses in either days and /or times), you will receive an error message and will be asked to choose another course. Time conflicts will not be allowed without permission from the pertinent instructors.

    You are expected to attend all sessions of the course during the term. Individual exceptions are made at the discretion of each instructor and exceptions should never be assumed. If you have conflicting plans (vacation, family functions, fall high school courses, summer high school courses, etc.), we strongly encourage you to find another option to meet your availability. 

  • Transcripts

    Official transcripts can be requested on R'Web, or on the Registrar's website. Part of the new UCR student fees is the Single Document Fee ($50). This fee allows unlimited access to transcripts with no additional costs. 

  • Waitlist

    The class waitlist is an option that may be available for some courses during the enrollment period. If a department offers a waitlist and the course is full, you will be prompted to add to the waitlist.
    Being on the waitlist does not guarantee eventual enrollment in the course. When a department ends its waitlist period, students who were not added to the course will be notified via UCR R'Mail that the course is full and the waitlist is no longer available.
    When you choose to waitlist, consider how this may affect your financial aid eligibility and number of enrolled units if you are not able to eventually enroll in the course.