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Capital Internships: Applying classroom knowledge to the work place

Capital Internship program at UC Riverside provides a variety of opportunities for eligible students to earn course credit for substantive internships associated with their academic and career goals. Since these programs are academic in nature, the Office of Student Engagement strives to facilitate partnerships that lead to tangible learning opportunities for students, and significance for our community partners.

The Capital Internship program is designed to function as an outlet to grow professionally within your career field, but also to enhance academic learning. The educational value is exhibited through research, student learning objectives, professional and academic guidance from a faculty advisor and internship site supervisor, and the opportunity to successfully link theoretical knowledge from a class-room to real-world experiences.


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UCDC - Washington, D.C.

The University of California District of Columbia (UCDC) program allows students to continue their studies and gain valuable on-the-job experience while interning and living in Washington, D.C. The UCDC program is open to all majors and hosts extraordinary internship opportunities in every field.

UCCS - Sacramento

If you are interested in public policy in California, consider UCCS as your opportunity to combine coursework and professional experience while living, interning, and attending classes in Sacramento. The UCCS program is available year-round and is open to all majors!


Edgar Murillo

UCR alumnus Edgar Murillo shares his experiences with the UCDC program in Washington, DC, in this latest article. Edgar interned at the progressive advocacy organization People For the American Way during spring 2019, and later served as a congressional intern in the office of California Representative Mark Takano and also as a communications intern in the press office of California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. 

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