Fees and Financial Information

All Summer Sessions courses at UCR for 2020 will be online. Please contact us at summeracademy@ucr.edu or call (951) 888 - 1262 (phone or text) if you have any questions. 
Summer Academy Contact Information:

(951) 888-1262 (phone or text)
1100 Hinderaker Hall


*If you are a UCR student who needs help with summer courses, please contact summer@ucr.edu and they will be able to assist you.


The Summer Academy program offers an automatic 50% reduction on all course tuition. The Summer Academy program does not offer any other type of financial assistance beyond this tuition discount. Other outside programs may offer separate funding. (Please see the information below under Other Funding Opportunities). 

2019 Summer Academy Session A Program Fees
Course Value Course Fees*
4 units $681.54
5 units $825.54

*These fees do not include required $50 Single Document Fee, textbooks, UCR ID card, parking permit, required course materials/lab/fees and other possible course-specific fees. (Please find additional information on these fees below).

The fee structure above corresponds to any 4 or 5 unit class offered during Summer Sessions A, which has been approved for the Summer Academy program. (Inquire with Summer Academy regarding fees for any other Session). This fee structure applies exclusively to admitted Summer Academy students. 

Financial Responsibility
All participants are fully responsible for all associated course costs (tuition, fees, and other related charges) for their enrollment. Scholarships and other awards are only available from secondary sources (outside the Summer Academy Program) and must be coordinated with those sources directly. If you have a secondary source of funding, make sure you read and understand all conditions of the awards. Do not assume you will receive any funding. Refunds for non-attendance will not be given. If you enroll, you are responsible for all course charges and it is your responsibility to drop the course before the applicable deadlines to avoid charges. 

Additional Costs
  • Required - Single Document Fee - $50 (New Students only!)

    The single document fee is assessed to new students (including Summer Academy students) as of fall 2018 and covers the cost of several services for the entirety of their student career and beyond as an alumnus/alumna of UCR. If you are a returning Summer Academy student, you will not be assessed this fee.

    The discounted fee for Summer Academy students is $50. This fee covers all transcript printing fees moving forward. 

  • Course Materials Fees - Miscellaneous

    Please visit here for any course materials fees that might be associated with the course you will be enrolled in. Course materials fees typically include lab or course materials fees and are set by each department.

    Samples of course materials fees for 2019 courses are as follows:

    • ART 001 - $20
    • ART 005 - $85
    • BIOL 002 - $50
    • CS 005 - $30
    • CS 006 - $30
    • CS 008 - $30
    • CS 010 - $30
    • CHEM 001A - $50
    • ECON 002 - $4
    • MATH 009A - $6
  • Textbooks - Miscellaneous

    The cost of textbooks varies depending on the subject and complexity of the class you can select. You can expect to purchase at least one textbook for each class. You can check at the UC Riverside Campus Store Web site to find what book you will need for your class.  Don't feel as if you need to buy a new book, as there are plenty of places to buy used textbooks, just make sure to get the same version as the teacher has requested. Also keep in mind if you purchase a used book online, while it might be cheaper, if you end up dropping your course, it is harder to return the book.

  • Optional - UCR Student ID Card - $15

    The R'Card is a multi-functional campus ID card. The UCR Card Operations Office requires proof of identity for any R'Card request. High school students must provide some sort of government-issued ID such as identification card, driver's license, or passport. 

    The R'Card is the official photo ID of the University of California, Riverside, and this provides:

    • The ability to check out books from the libraries
    • Allows the student free unlimited transportation on RTA buses for the duration of the summer
    • The ability to use the Student Recreation Center services

    R'Cards can also be used to purchase meals by using Bear Bucks. There is a $15 fee to obtain an R'Card, and additional information can be found on the UCR Card website.

  • Optional - Parking Fees

    Metered parking spaces are available throughout the campus; however, parking lots are patrolled frequently and tickets are given for expired meters. If you plan to drive and park on campus, we recommend that you purchase a Parking Permit.

    All vehicles parked on campus property must properly display a valid UC Riverside parking permit from 7am to 10pm, seven days a week. Parking on campus can be challenging during the summer months despite a reduced student body due to construction and special summer programs, so always give yourself plenty of time to find a parking space prior to the start of your class.

    As a Summer Academy student, you are not fully admitted into UC Riverside, so you cannot purchase your permit online. Instead you will need to go to the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) office located on 683 Linden Street. You will need your SID# before they will give you a permit.

    Other ways to get to campus can be found here, including taking advantage of the free use of RTA buses over the summer with a UCR student ID ($15).

Other funding opportunities:
  •  The NASA Scholarship is independently operated from UCR's Department of Physics and offers to fund for students who submit a successful application to their program who enroll in a STEM course. The NASA Scholarship application requires a letter of nomination from a teacher, administrator or guidance counselor at the students' school.
    • Application will open - TBA.
    • The NASA Launchpad scholarship pays for all tuition relating to the course and possibly any additional course materials fees and textbooks. 
    • For all questions regarding this funding, please contact Dr. Xinnan Du at xinnan.du@ucr.edu.  
  • EAOP funding:
    • The UCR EAOP program will pay for several students who are currently part of the EAOP program to take a course at UCR over the summer as part of Summer Academy. 
    • EAOP funding will only cover tuition. All other course materials fees, textbooks, and any other incurred fees are the responsibility of the student.
    • For questions regarding the EAOP funding, please contact Javier Canas at javier.canas@ucr.edu.
  •  Riverside Unified School District STEM scholarship:
    • RUSD will cover tuition for students who attend a high school in the RUSD boundary areas who will take a STEM course. 
    • There is no extra application for this funding, however, there are limited funds available. Students will be notified of RUSD STEM funding after the enrollment deadline has passed.
    • RUSD funding will only cover tuition for students. All other course materials fees, textbooks, and any other incurred fees are the responsibility of the student.